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Healthy Cattle, Grasslands and Community

Healthy grasslands absorb and store carbon in soils, filter and retain water and support a biodiverse ecosystem as well as bolster economically viable family agribusiness and rural communities. Cattle, replacing bison herds of the past, are key to restoring and improving grasslands through holistic management thinking – meaning it’s all in the way we work with nature to graze and manage our natural resources.


We’re proud to offer beef directly from our ranch harvest from cattle who spend their entire lives directly improving our grassland resource under our holistic management practices.


Healthy grasslands absorb and store carbon in soils

Biodiverse Ecosystem

Healthy grasslands support a biodiverse ecosystem

Viable Business

Healthy grasslands support economically viable family agribusiness

Vibrant Rural Communities

Healthy grasslands are the backbone of a vibrant rural community



Beef Jerky

Original, Hillbilly, Peppered and Siracha Flavors

No sugars and all natural spices. 14 grams of protein per serving. 4oz of jerky per package.

Ground Beef

1 pound to 2 pound packages available

Our ground beef is teeming with flavor from years of our cattle eating a variety of grasses and forbs.






Sirloin, filet, round steaks

While our steaks are not the flavor profile you're used to packed with marbling, we guarantee our steaks are healthier. Think more elk or deer meat. Lots of flavor, but less fat.

Rancher's Beef Box

Our favorite cuts

Find all the cuts we as ranchers love and cook with all time! Steaks, roasts, short ribs and ground beef.



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We could rattle on about no hormones, grass fed and finished etc. (which is true!), but to us, that’s not what’s truly important. To us, the most important and differentiating factor is that our beef is harvested from our cattle who spent their entire lives directly improving our prairie ecosystem. Their life contributed to a better and healthier environment under our management and that is something we hope you can take as much pride in as we do.