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is a fifth generation family owned and operated commercial cattle ranch located in eastern Colorado. Our family has been running cattle and caring for the arid prairie rangeland here in Kit Carson since 1907. As we look towards future generations on the Flying Diamond Ranch, we remain steadfast in managing a financially sustainable operation by continually improving our cattle, enhancing our natural resources and persevering our close family relationships.

Ranching with Family

Working with Nature

Scott and Jean Johnson

Scott and his wife, Jean, began managing Scott's family ranch in 1988. Since then, they have raised four children on the ranch and are very proud of each one of them today. Scott was an early adopter of Allan Savory's Holistic Ranch Management and has implemented these practices on the ranch for over 30 years.

Jen and Jay Livsey

Jen and her husband, Jay, owner of a Starting Strength gym, live in Lakewood, Colorado where they are raising their daughter, Collins, and son, Clint. Jen is the first female to graduate from the King Ranch Institute of Ranch Management and today oversees the ranch's rotational grazing plan. Outside of the ranch, she is the co-founder of EastCo Group, a rancher-focused insurance agency.

Will and Lauren Johnson

Will Johnson and his wife, Lauren and sons, Henry and Jack live in Kit Carson, Colorado near ranch headquarters. After becoming a Marine Corps Officer, Will returned home to the ranch to work full time with Scott and Jean at the Flying Diamond Headquarters in Kit Carson, CO. He is full time on the ranch and CEO of the cattle operation.

Myles and Katie Johnson

Myles Johnson and his wife, Katie, live in Idalia, Colorado raising their daughter, Stella. Myles is the school superintendent at Idalia School. Katie is a CPA and our CFO managing our books and financial strategy and is also the manager at East Co Group. Both are very involved on ranch work days.

Charles and Kaitlin Johnson

Charlie and his wife, Kaitlin, and daughters, Sofia and Quinn, live at ranch headquarters in Kit Carson and manage day to day operations in Cheyenne County. Charlie is also the co-founder of East Co Group, a rancher-focused insurance agency. His wife Kaitlin works full time as a business consultant.